Money and Power

Economic, social, and political power affect the choices we all make as individuals and as institutions, and academic libraries and archives are far from exempt. Power and money determine who and what is included or excluded, affect our conscious and unconscious agendas, and can be used to further or hinder changes of many kinds. Yet as ever-present as these forces are, they are often assumed and unspoken. At this one-day conference, presenters will address some of the undercurrents of money and power within academic libraries and archives, with the goal of moving forward together with productive analysis and action.

ACRL/NY 2016 Symposium Committee Members:

Haruko Yamauchi
Chair, Hostos Community College
Dianne Gordon Conyers
ACRL/NY President, LaGuardia Community College
Linda Miles
ACRL/NY Past President,
Hostos Community College
Kate Angell
Long Island University – Brooklyn
Ben Beede
Rutgers University
Karen Erani
Independent Information Specialist
Joan Jocson-Singh
Lehman College
Thomas Keenan
Princeton University
Trish Keogh
Long Island University – Brooklyn
Winifred King
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Gina Levitan
Sarah Lawrence College
Susanne Markgren
Manhattan College
Carrie Marten
SUNY Purchase
Miranda McDermott
New York Public Library
Mark Aaron Polger
College of Staten Island
Elaine Provenzano
Manhattanville College
Werner Sbaschnik
SUNY Old Westbury
Maria Schlanger
Independent Information Specialist
Eamon Tewell
Long Island University – Brooklyn
Ana Torres
New York University
Tamara Townsend
Long Island University – Brooklyn
Linda Yau
Berkeley College

* Hat tip to Robert Darnton via Maura Seale in Critical Library Instruction: Theories and Methods for an anecdote that inspired this theme.